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Sister Bracelets

Choose from a range of beautiful Sister bracelets gifts in a variety of styles and colours. Give your sister something special. Maybe something that shows your current bond or a loving bond that will grow with a new sibling. Give your sister a beautiful Sister Bracelet so that she can keep you in her heart always no matter where she is.

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Sister bracelets are perfect gifts. Since it is the best gift that you can give to a sister who has been your close and best friend. Sister Charm Bracelets are seen as a lifetime bond of friendship and love. Most of all, your sister is someone whom you can lean on no matter what. 

Sisters have a unique bond. Because this bond is established through life’s ups and downs. Also, through the good times and the bad times. Furthermore, the sisters share everything. Starting from the day that they were born. Sister’s bracelets serve as a reminder of that special bond. In addition, sisters provide each other with love and support. Hence, they always understand each other.

Sister Bracelets By Liberty Charms

Liberty Charms have a beautiful collection of sister bracelets. So you can choose the right bracelet for your unique sister. Find out what she loves the most. Does your sister have any particular interest or passion? You can choose Matching Sister Bracelets with matching crystal birthstones. Also, include a small sweetheart charm to make it look stunning.

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Silver Plated Fashionable Sister Bracelets

Interpreting the latest fashion trends, the Liberty Charms team work hard to bring you a range of sister jewellery & sister bracelet gift ideas that is constantly evolving to give you the latest look. Our sister jewellery is not just about fashion, it's fun, exciting and is a statement about you!

Celebrities including Danielle Lloyd, Katie Price, Ellie Jenas, Chelsee Healey, Jessica Wright (TOWIE), Samantha Faiers (TOWIE), Amanda Harrington (Desperate Scousewives), Kerry Katona and many more who love our sister bracelets.

Liberty Charms jewellery has also appeared in Coronation Street worn by Paula Lane (who plays Kylie Platt in the SOAP) and other stars including Shobna Gulati, Kym Marsh, Georgia May Foote and Carla Lane who have also been spotted wearing our bling.

We specialize in sister bracelets. Offering bracelets gift ideas in a range of styles. We believe that no matter what age you are, everyone should always be able to sparkle in a little bit of bling!

Our commitment is to provide the perfect sister jewellery & sister bracelets with excellent customer service. All purchases come with a velvet drawstring presentation pouch.

The Liberty Charms team is on hand to make your sister bracelets purchase just that little bit more special!


Why Purchase Sister Bracelets

Maybe you and your sister fight, probably about something, anything, everything or even nothing. However, as you grow older, you’ll be getting closer and closer. The unconditional love and support that you have for each other will always be there. Probably, this is something that is hard to find in any relationship. There is a special bond between sisters. And nothing can ever break that bond. You may still continue to fight. However, you should not permit this to create a gap between the two of you.

Your future may be uncertain. However, your relationship with your sister will be the most important element of your life. While each of you might be different in every way. Nevertheless, the love and support that you have for each other will always stay the same. Hence, friends will come and go but sisters will always be there.

The Bond Between Sisters

Celebrate the bond of sisterhood with an amazing sister bracelet, especially when there is a long distance between the two of you. Silver Sister Bracelets are thoughtful and beautiful too. Also, it is the best way of expressing your love towards your sister. Include charms that can stimulate your eternal ties. The bond between sisters is one of a kind. In other words, you cannot find a friend like your sister. Consequently, a fashionable way of expressing your loving bond is through sister bracelets. Choose a fine design exclusively made for you and your sister. These bracelets are finely crafted and richly plated in gold or silver. It contains engravings of big sister, middle sister and little sister. The charms add a perfect finishing touch to Ring to Perfection’s bracelets.

What Sister Bracelets Are Right For You

Sister Bracelets can complement your look and express your style. There are several bracelet styles out there. That is why choosing the perfect one can be a challenge. You can either have bangles, chains, leather, cord, charms or gemstones. When choosing 3 sister bracelets, there are a lot of things to consider. This includes when and where you’ll be wearing the bracelet.

First of all, if you or your sister frequently wear business casual attire then your accessories must also look casual. For a conservative look, you can choose a single bangle or a slender chain accompanied by a gemstone. Another option would be a diamond tennis bracelet. You can also combine two bracelets with similar metal. This can really look lovely especially if styled in a subtle way. In addition, you must also consider your daily activities. Are you going to use your keyboard for the whole day? Are you going to work with medical instruments? Choose a style that’s right for the type of job that you or your sister have.

Bracelet Stacking

When stacking bracelets there are a few things that you have to consider. While stacking can be fun, it is important that you have to vary its weights and shapes. Also, the metal color should be affiliated. Do not put too much variety since it can make it look messy. If you love to wear jeans then stack a few chains or bangles. Charm bracelets are also great. Since this can let you reminisce wonderful memories while looking at the charms. In addition, it has a traditional look.

Mixing it up would be ideal for a weekend date. Blend different metals, gemstones, styles and others. If you’re planning to hit the dance floor then your wrist should be filled with glitz and glam. For a classic look, wear a diamond tennis bracelet or a stack of charm bracelets.

Types of Sister Bracelets

Most often, sister bracelets are defined by their band material. This includes rope, leather, metal, chain, fabric and other types of materials. Sometimes it is defined by its gemstones. The most common ones are pearl, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, and others. Some bracelets are made of beads. Hence, these beads can either be ceramic, glass, or gemstones.

Bangles Sister Bracelets

Bangles have no clasps. Also, it is not stretchable. This type of bracelet needs to be slipped on over the wrist. Bangles are worn loosely. A common variation of this is the incomplete bangle. It has a small opening which permits you to slip the bracelet sideways. Bangles differ in width. Some are very thin while others are very thick. Usually, thin bangles will be worn in multiples. This can be in similar colors or metal types. However, if you want to add a touch of shimmer to your look then try using varied colors and metals. One of its remarkable features is its unique chimes.

Sister Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets have one or more small charms. Also, these charms can either be made of metals, gemstone or other types of material. Furthermore, the styles and shapes of these bracelets will depend on the preference of the owner. Charm bracelets are considered a family heirloom. This is because these charms are obtained from generation to generation. In addition, it serves as a record of important family events. Charm bracelets are a perfect gift at any time of the year. Charms can be added continuously for every occasion. Some charm bracelets are expensive because they contain precious charms.

Chain Bracelets

Chain sister bracelets are made of chain links. In addition, the size and shape of the link vary. Also, the materials being used for the chains. The materials used are bead, rope, mesh, Byzantine and others. In addition, gemstone bracelets can be recognized by the gemstone being used. Furthermore, they can be made of diamond or pearls. Consequently, you can personalize its design by choosing the wearer’s birthstone.

Types of Bracelet Bands

The band for your sister bracelets varies a lot. Mostly, it will depend on the style of the wearer. Metals used can be precious or semi-precious. Probably, the most widely used are silver, white gold, rose gold, traditional gold, stainless steel, platinum, and others. Most of all, silver is the perfect choice for people who have allergy in gold. Some people prefer white gold over yellow gold.

In addition, rose gold is the best alternative to white gold or yellow gold. Rose gold can provide a nice touch of flair to the jewelry. Also, this is an extremely popular option for love bracelets. Most especially for Valentine’s Day. One of the most prominent types of bands for bracelets is traditional yellow gold. Its purity varies, however, generally, it can range from 14K to 18K. Take note that gold sister bracelets with higher karat tend to be very soft. Therefore, it is not best for everyday wear.

In India, they have a festival known as Raksha Bandhan. In this customary tradition, the sisters will tie bracelets to their brother’s wrists.

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