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Meet The Team



Company Director

Likes:  Nice Weather, Doughnuts and Free Time

Dislikes:  Bad Weather, Moaning and Sheffield Wednesday

Claim to Fame:  Once met Duncan Goodhew.  Inspired me so much that I'm now copying his hairstyle



Designer / E-commerce Admin

Likes: Leeds United, Sports and Dining Out

Dislikes: Manchester United and Fly Tipping

Claim to Fame: Met Princess Anne at a Charity Gala



Buyer / Designer / E-Commerce

Likes: Shopping, Family Time and Card Making

Dislikes: Lying, Mushy Peas and Golf

Claim To Fame: Danced with Showaddywaddy on stage





Designer / E-commerce Admin

 Likes: Holidays, Gin and Northern Soul

Dislikes: Rainy Weather, Shopping and Karaoke

Claim To Fame: Been to Buckingham Palace and met Prince Philip






Likes: .

Dislikes:  . 

Claim To Fame: 

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